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International information exchange is the prerequisite for peak innovative performance. The Rudolf Schülke Foundation plays an important part in this context.

On 18 October 1972 the inauguration by the company Schülke & Mayr GmbH (Norderstedt, Germany) took place. The Foundation is named after Rudolf Schülke, cofounder of Schülke & Mayr GmbH. 

Promoting Hygiene and Microbiology with the focus on prevention and control of transmitted diseases is the function of the foundation. This means in particular the development and application of prevention strategies and antimicrobially and/or antivirally active substances and methods concerning antisepsis, disinfection and cleaning as well as the worldwide dialogue between representatives of science and research. Its aim is to encourage interdisciplinary research and to strengthen co-operation with universities.

Every two years, the Rudolf Schülke Foundation organizes symposia to which scientists are invited to present their viewpoints on current topics in hygiene. The results of the symposia are published in trade journals.

In addition, the Rudolf Schülke Foundation presents the Hygiene Prize to scientists who have solved specific problems in the area of hygiene, microbiology and preventative medicine. The Hygiene Prize is worth € 15,000.

Alongside this prize, the Foundation also awards the Hygieia Medal to extraordinary people who have dedicated their life’s work to hygiene and microbiology.

Furthermore the Rudolf Schülke Foundation supported the„Netzwerk Zukunft Hygiene“ (NZH) – Network Future of Hygiene which was launched by the Foundation in 2003.

In the NZH medical doctors have joint together, who meet regularly for an informal exchange to discuss topics related to hygiene, environmental medicine and infection prevention.

Announcement Hygiene Prize 2024

Hygiene-Prize of the Rudolf Schülke Foundation 2024
In March 2024, the Rudolf Schülke Foundation presents the Hygiene Prize to scientist who have solved specific problems in the areas of hygiene, microbiology and preventative medicine. The Hygiene Prize of the Rudolf Schülke Foundation is awarded on a World-wide basis and endowed with 15,000 Euro.

Papers to be handed in by 10 October 2023. 


Hygiene Prize and Hygieia Medal 2022

The Hygiene Prize and the Hygieia Medal were awarded in Hamburg on 20 May 2022.

Publication of the symposium 2020 - now online

The publication of the Symposium 2020 "A European approach to infection prevention and control goals" is now online in gms Hygiene and Infection Control.

See Publication