The “Hygiene Prize 2022” awarded by the Rudolf Schülke Foundation

25. Mai 2022

The Hygiene Prize of the Rudolf Schülke Foundation, which is endowed with € 15,000, was awarded this year to working group of Prof Ewa Stürmer, Hamburg for their work "Comparative analysis of biofilm models to determine the efficacy of antimicrobials", published in the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health.

Hygiene Prize 2022
v.l.t.r Prof Martin Exner (Chairman Rudolf Schülke Foundation), Prof Ewa K. Stürmer (UKE, Hamburg), Prof Ralf Smeets (UKE, Hamburg)Prof. Ralf Smeets (UKE, Hamburg)

The Rudolf Schülke Foundation awards the Hygiene Prize biennially to scientists who have achieved remarkable solutions to problems in the area of hygiene, microbiology and preventive medicine.