Netzwerk Zukunft Hygiene (NZH) - Network Future of Hygiene

Medical doctors working in the fields of Hospital Hygiene and Environmental Medicine have joined in the „Netzwerk Zukunft Hygiene“ (NZH) – Network Future of Hygiene. Most of the members of this Network have worked at university institutes for many years. They have a special interest in supporting the faculty of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine while giving particular emphasis to Hospital Hygiene. The network focuses on making the faculty more attractive to young professionals in order to ensure a successful new generation and secure the future of the faculty.

This is made possible by the Network members’ collaboration in projects dealing with important questions of infection prevention and their representation of the faculty jointly in public.

Currently the NZH has 21 members:

List of members

The following papers were published by the NZH:

"Netzwerk Zukunft Hygiene (NZH)" (Article in german)
Hyg Med 2005; 30: (12)

"Empfehlungen des Netzwerk Zukunft Hygiene (NZH) zu Planung, Betrieb und Abnahme von raumlufttechnischen Anlagen im OP" (Article in german)
Hyg Med 2009; 34 (5): 188-191