Memorandum 1996

Memorandum on the Threat Posed by Infectious Diseases

Need for Reassessment and for a New Prevention Strategy in Germany

The Rudolf Schülke Foundation regularly organizes symposia on current topics in Hygiene, Microbiology, Infectiology and Public Health in Hamburg.

In 1995 the topic was “Infectious Diseases as a Health Risk for the German Population“. The results of this symposium caused the signatory societies and professional associations to make an imperatively appeal to the decision makers in politics and medicine to initiate extensive measures for the prevention, diagnosis and countering of infectious diseases at once.

Following that, the Rudolf Schülke Foundation published a memorandum in 1996, demanding a reassessment and the development of a prevention strategy.

This memorandum "On the Treat Posed by Infectious Diseases" was presented to the former Federal Minister of Health, Horst Seehofer, in Bonn on 10 October 1996.