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Symposia of the Rudolf Schülke Foundation

Every two years the Rudolf Schülke Foundation organizes symposia to which scientists are invited to present their viewpoints on current topics in hygiene. The results of the symposia are published in trade journals.

Symposia since 1993


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Exner, M.; Bhattacharya, S.; Christiansen, B.; et al: Antibiotic resistance: What is so special about multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria? GMS Hygiene and Infection Control 2017; 12


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Gebel, J.; Exner, M.; French, G.; et al: The Role of Surface Disinfection in Infection Prevention.
GMS Hygiene and Infection Control 2013; 8: (1)


The need of hygiene in everyday life - challenges and perspectives - summary


The Future of Hygiene and Public Health in Europe - Needs, Challenges, Strategies and Concepts


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Harke, H.-P.; Exner, M.: Hygienische und infektiologische Aspekte von „Out of Area“- Einsätzen der Bundeswehr oder humanitären Hilfsorganisationen. Hyg Med 2002; 27: 409-415; Article in german


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Präventive Strategien in der Hospitalhygiene; Article in german


Infektionskrankheiten als Gesundheitsrisiko für die Bevölkerung Deutschlands; Article in german


Einsatz von Antiseptika zur Prophylaxe und Therapie von Infektionen bei oder nach chirurgischen Eingriffen; Article in german

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