Memorandum 2007

The Threat posed by Infectious Diseases

Need for reform of Infection Control

In 1996 the Rudolf Schülke Foundation with its then chairman Prof Knut Olaf Gundermann published the “Memorandum on the Threat Posed by Infectious Diseases – Need for Reassessment and for a New Prevention Strategy in Germany”, which among other things provided important suggestions for the amendment of the Federal Law of Epidemic Control.

In spite of very positive developments in this area infectious diseases still pose a serious threat for health both in industrial countries and in the developing world with no predictable momentum.

Against this backdrop in 2006 the Rudolf Schülke Foundation took up the cause of re-mapping the threat of infectious diseases. In coordination with the signatory societies and professional associations in Hygiene and Public Health a new memorandum was made up. The book comprises a detailed risk assessment of the current situation in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. It provides and explains the basis for necessary strategies for a reform of infection hygiene.

The Author is Prof Martin Exner, MD, chairman of the Rudolf Schülke Foundation und Director of the Institute of Hygiene and Public Health of the University of Bonn.

You will find the complete edition of the Memorandum here.

You will find the summary of the Memorandumhere.

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